Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How Much Rain !!!!

Well, we certainly kicked off 2018 with a Market that was wet, wet and wetter!!

But luckily we all squished inside the Hall and kept dry.  We had a super number of customers coming through - encouraged by our mobile advertising 'Sandwich Boards' wandering around the Village.

We had a wonderful atmosphere and an amazing amount of sharing of ideas for promoting the Market and the stallholders - I feel so privileged to be part of such a supportive and creative community.

Our new venue was a huge hit - with many compliments from stallholders and customers alike - a change is definitely as good as a rest as evidenced by the fresh energy that was definitely present on Sunday.

Our next Market is 11th March - counting the days!

Monday, January 15, 2018


Wow!  What an amazing year 2017 turned out to be for us at Devonport Craft & Fine Food Market.  We had a brilliant first year - met some incredible people and made lots of new friends.  Each month brought something new to delight and impress us - we feel very privileged to have been amongst so many talented craftspeople.

In the true tradition of the New Year heralding new beginnings - we are going to try something new at our Markets in 2018.

Firstly, a change of venue - we've taken on board the feedback from our stallholders and have been looking, for a while now, for a venue closer to Victoria Road and the cafes and coffee shops.  So, with that in mind we are going to move a hop, skip and a jump away to the Harmony Hall on Wynyard Street, which seems to meet our criteria.

Although this new venue doesn't offer so much outside space - we will still be able to offer a couple of spots out the front (and I think I already know which of our regulars will want to snap those up!). 

The inside space is good - and there is a large room that we could use to run some hands-on crafting sessions if any of our stall holders are keen to showcase their talents - we will be following up on that idea very soon.

Another new marketing idea we are going to trial is to get some helpers wearing old fashioned 'sandwich boards' walking around the local area - as well as some new signage that will be going up very soon ... the ideas are flowing!!

So, we hope to welcome lots of stallholders and customers alike in 2018.

I hope to see you soon.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

September - Spring? ... nearly ....

I had high hopes for beautiful warm Spring weather for yesterday's Market.... it wasn't quite to be ... but luckily we had space inside for everyone to come in - it was a very packed market and, with the help of Ralphe's melodious busking, it was a great atmosphere.

Now is the time to turn our thoughts to the coming crazy season - as we get closer to Christmas.  I know all you wonderful stallholders are already thinking about your seasonal stock and wanting to get the next few months planned and bookings locked in.

So, over on the sellers' page I have just opened bookings for the Devonport Markets for the rest of the year.  I have had lots of enquiries already so I know they are going to be popular - so don't delay, get your bookings in.

I'm also very excited to have, once again, been allocated some space at the Devonport Christmas Festival - the link to the booking form for this event is also on the Sellers' page - it promises to be a very well attended event - upwards of 4,000 people.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself ... the next Market will be on 8th October - this market will have a distinctly Halloween theme - feel free to dress yourself, and your stall, in a Halloween manner if you wish - if you are planning some special Halloween stock please don't forget to send me some photos so I can include them in the marketing ... 

Monday, August 14, 2017

August - Great Feedback from Sellers and Customers Alike

Yesterday saw us back at Devonport Community House for a fantastic Market.  I had great feedback from lots of the wonderful stallholders and quite a few new faces - who will hopefully come back and join us again.

I also had lots of lovely compliments from customers too.  They particularly liked the mix of different types of stalls and so many stayed around to enjoy lunch with us that Mama Yoyas, our amazing Mexican Food seller sold out completely.

A couple of our regular stall holders were struck down with the flu and weren't able to come along yesterday - so I hope they have a quick recovery and will be back with us in September.

Join us next month for our first Market of Spring - I can't wait for that warmer weather to start!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

July in Devonport

It was a day of wondering what the weather would do for the July Devonport Market - we had almost been washed away by the amount of rain falling on the peninsula during the last week - but luckily for us the rain held off for most of the day - there was even a rumour that the sun shone, for a while at least!

Once again the kitchen was filled with a local group raising funds - this time we welcomed folk from St Leo's School who, although small in number, are clearly mighty in determination to raise money for their netball team goal poles.  They kept us well supplied with hot soup and cake and, I hope, raised some of the funds to get them closer to their target.

I always love the mix and variety of stall holders who apply to come to Devonport - and once again we had a lovely group of stall holders at the July market.  I was thrilled that we had some ceramic artists this month - as we don't often have this type of art - and very lovely it was too.

We were wary of the weather and crammed most of the stalls into the hall this month - which made for a brilliant atmosphere - and some of the stall holders had some great ideas for making the most of the space next month .... it's great to receive feedback to help make each market even better than the last.

Here's looking forward to August at the Market - hoping to see lots of our regulars, and maybe even some new stall holders coming along ... watch this space!