Monday, July 6, 2009

Despite the rain...

Sunday was a wonderful day at The Devonport Craft Market. We all had a lot of fun and it was wonderful to hear all the compliments from customers enjoying the market. Thank you so much to all the amazing stallholders who put so much effort into creating all the wonderful handmade goodies on sale. The hall was transformed by all the amazing displays everyone had created to make their stall look good and I was blown away by the amount of talent that was there. Returning stallholders had put a lot of thought into new items to sell and there was a lot of idea exchanging going on amongst all the chatter!

Outside in the carpark and at the front of the building, the talent continued and people braved the soggy weather to admire the wonderful stalls. I kicked myself for only allowing myself an hour to get round the stalls and will be making a real effort next time to get to the stalls I missed but admired from afar!

Mark from Depot Sound came along to entertain us on acoustic guitar and Chara and her brothers gathered quite a crowd with their amazing folk fiddling. One grandmother ran home to collect her grandsons so they could enjoy the show too!

Alice kept my children and practically every other child in their entertained with her truly incredible balloon art and I now have a very large balloon octopus gracing my dining room!

Finally, a special mention goes to Pam and the rest of the Community House team who kept us all fed and watered. The cakes were amazing and I really do need that recipe! See you all at the next market.

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