Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Meet the Seller - Helene from Happy Go Knitty

Meet Helene Dehmer. Helene has had a stall at the market since the market opened last year. Famous for being able to ‘knit and walk’ at the same time, we thought you would like to find out a little about what makes this knit-a-holic tick!

Happy-go-knitty – where did you come up with the name?
I have just re-branded my knitted crafts and I'm very pleased with the name. I wanted a name that is fun and clearly describes what I'm doing. As a person I'm quite happy-go-lucky but most of all I'm happy-go-knitty!

Where did you learn your craft?
My nana taught me how to knit when I was 11 years old and I have knitted since.
I have always made things and have tried a lot of different crafts - sewing, knitting, tapestry, pottery, silver smithery, glass blowing, beading... Nowadays I stick to the knitting and I'm a knittaholic! I can walk and knit so a lot of my crafts are made walking to and from work!

What can people expect from Happy Go Knitty?
Various knitted things! I make knitted cuffs from NZ merino and alpaca. A few years ago I learned how to do beaded knitting so some of the cuffs are bead knitted. It's a traditional craft from the early 1800s. Wealthy women used to wear bead knitted cuffs to cover the edges of their worn-out dresses. Nowadays they are used as a warming and beautiful accessory.

I also hand-dye cotton yarn and make knitted kid's beanies. The yarn is soft and nice to wear and the colours are bright and beautiful! I also make knitted flowers from the cotton and put them on rings, brooches, hair clips and hair ties.
I recently dyed a big lot of cotton yarn so now I have my yarn for sale at the market.

There is one other thing that I do..... Some people might have noticed knitted graffiti around Devonport and I have to admit that I’m the person behind most of them (not all of them though). Why I do it? To make people smile! Haven’t seen them? Check out my 'other blog' www.knittygraffity.blogspot.com

Where do you get inspiration from?
New ideas pop up in my head all the time. While working on one piece I'm already working on the next ten pieces in my head! I love colours and my big stash of yarns and beads is a big source of inspiration for me.           

Your favourite books and food?
I really enjoyed the Millenium trilogy by Stieg Larson.
Mmmm, I like thai and indian food. And sushi. And Spanish tapas. And Italian food is yummy...

Do you find inspiration online?
I love my sister's blog, she is such a clever crafter.
Yarns and colours en masse can be found at Yarn Inspiration
And I keep an eye on many blogs by my crafty friends, links can be found on my blog.

When you are not at The Devonport Craft Market – where can people find you?
I sell at other Auckland Craft Markets – check out my blog for details.
I will in the near future list my crafts on felt.co.nz and I can be contacted via email happygoknitty@hotmail.com

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