Saturday, July 24, 2010


We are very sad to report that the wonderful Snowplough the cat is with us no longer.

Snowplough was a huge part of Devonport life. He was adopted by the Harcourts office and by the Depot Artspace (who had a catflap fitted for him so he could go in and out as he pleased!). He would do a daily tour of the village and spent a lot of time hanging around us at the Community House when the market was on. We have had lots of fun with him over the time the market has run. He has been unofficial market inspector and spent many a happy hour curled up on a chair with us at the Craft Socials. He would always be there to help us set up the market and there when we closed up.

Snowplough at the November 09 Craft Social, hanging out with Kimberley (Pure Extracts),
Hayley (Blankies) and Trish (Fireworks Agnes)

We missed him at the 4th July market but presumed he was off attending the concert at the Depot Artspace. Unfortunately, he had been killed by a car a few days before. RIP Snowplough. We'll miss you you crazy cat!


  1. RIP Snowplough. We will miss you and your furry paws. Sxxx

  2. Poor Puss. That cat was a real little character. Sad news indeed