Friday, August 13, 2010

In honour of Snowplough - A Great Cat

We've been missing our little buddy, Snowplough, the Devonport Village cat a great deal and decided that we had to have a reminder of him.  We purchased a beautiful print from Sandra Waine at the August market and donated it to the Devonport Community House, where our market is held each month,  yesterday.

It was beautifully framed at a great discount  by Peter Scott (another fan of Snowplough!) of Devonport Picture Framers. Thank you Peter! The little gold plaque was engraved in Takapuna. It reads "In Honour of Snowplough. A Great Cat. The Devonport Craft Market 2010." The lovely man on the engraving counter added two little paw prints after hearing about Snowplough.

Centre, seated: Pam Churchill, Devonport Community House Manager
Standing, L to R: Sandra Waine (Artist), Sarah Bird (DCM organiser), Sarah McLeod (DCM organiser)

Pam told us some hilarious stories about Snowplough's antics including coming in to the Community House one weekend to do some work and hearing someone upstairs. She was worried that someone was breaking in, but bravely snuck up the stairs only to discover the yoga instructor chasing Snowplough around the art studios trying to catch him to put him outside.

The picture of Snowplough will be proudly displayed in the Community House by the next market (September 5th). Do pop in and have a look if you are passing before then. Sandra has another Snowplough picture on display at the Depot Artspace just next door at the moment.

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