Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meet the Seller - Jude from Ruby Jude

Judith Howker is a Mixed Media artist who has been at the Devonport Craft Market for the last few months. Following the birth of her daughter 5 years ago, her creative energy surged and Ruby Jude was the result.

Where did the name Ruby Jude come from?
Well, My name is Judith and I shortened it to Jude when I arrived in NZ and the Ruby, well, for thousands of years, the ruby has been considered one of the most valuable gemstones on Earth. It has everything a precious stone should have: magnificent colour, excellent hardness and outstanding brilliance. In addition to that, it is an extremely rare gemstone, especially in its finer qualities!!

What is your art or craft?
My art is play and playing with glue, paint scissors, pens, ink, paint, cutting out paper then more paper then gluing,  maybe more paint don't forget the words........ ah yes the beautiful dance of  mixed media art is just amazingly tactile, healing and incredibly fulfilling. As a mixed media artist I create my story, your story and our stories, present, past and future. The medium transcends barriers touching the soul with love and meaning like all other art can, this is why I am in love with this craft.     

How did you start creating?
As a little girl I got lost using colour with the hugest felt tip collection ever. Making my days bright, sunny and light fed my wee little soul full of dreams and possibilities!!! Then I grew up got serious and tucked that part of me away. However the birth of my first little girl came with a key that unlocked my passion for colour and well here I am a big girl now living out my little girl dreams!           

What inspires you?
Ah life, friendship, love, my children, the passion to colour my world. Having always lived by the ocean I feel that feeds a huge part of my creative ideas. Its colours,the movement,  the sparkle when the suns out, soft sand under barefoot................freedom. Of course others artists, photography and a new site I have discovered called Pinintrest all play there part.           

What is your favorite book?
Would have to be Sophie's World, a child's book on Philosophy and James and the Giant Preach which happened to ignite my desire to read!

And your favourite food?
New York Philly Burgers, just delish. I completed an exchange in the US when I was a teenager and alas I have never found them outside of the USA since!!           

Favourite inspiration site / blog / online shop:
Oh so many to choose from and here's just a few!

Aside from the Devonport Craft Market, where can people buy your work?
You can find my work at Felt and Etsy online am working on a website as I write. I also attend other markets in the Auckland region.

Meet the Seller Special
Jude has a wonderfully generous special for all market goers who read this profile. All bloc mounted prints are available for ½ price ($10) for all of those who mention that they read this profile – while stocks last! Make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing offer!

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  1. So great to read a bit more about the inspiration behind your wonderful creations Jude. Your passion and joy for your art really shines through in both this interview and your beautiful works. Looking forward to seeing you at a market soon!!