Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet the Seller - Emma from Sweet Event Stationery

Meet Emma from Sweet Event Stationery

Emma is the creator of beautiful stationery for any and all events. Affordable and beautiful you will be guaranteed to have something special for your party, wedding, hen night or pretty much any event. Check out our interview with Emma below.

When did you begin making and what was your inspiration?
Last October I was planning a joint party for my two boys and was frustrated the partyware I could find at the time. I wanted to go all out with a theme so make their party really personal to them, and decided to have a go at designing it myself. It wasn't such a far leap to make, as I have been working as a graphic artist for the last 18 years - more of a natural progression. I enjoyed the experience so much, and got so many compliments on what I had done that I thought I'd try doing the same for other mums :)

My inspiration for craft markets goes back to days spent in London trawling Spitalfields and Camden markets. I used to spend my weekends inventing new card designs and dreaming of one day selling them. It's something I've always wanted to do, so I've come full circle.

What do you make?
Event stationery for every occasion, be it partyware, cupcake toppers, banners, invitations, thanks you notes, birthday cards, wedding invitations. I'm a stationery addict and love trying out new ideas. I'm always expanding my range and trying new ideas, recently my father's day bottle labels and chocolate wrappers have proved a big hit. I'm also developing a range of Sweet Es gifts, so check out the new items on my table at the next market :)      

Who has been the most influential in your craft?
My friends and family and mainly my soon to be 4 year old - he road tests every new idea and let's me know if it's a winner ;)

What inspires you?
Beautiful typography and the colour red. Being involved with people's special occasions is inspiring and so rewarding when a collaboration or idea for  a theme takes shape and becomes a reality.

What do you like to chow down on?
Curry, chicken tikka massala and garlic nan - get's me every time :)

Where do you find your online inspiration? Favourite Blogs/ websites?
There are so many party websites I turn to for inspiration, but pinterest is usually my first stop :)

When you are not at the Devonport Craft Market - where can people find your work?
Online (, facebook ( and from pixie party supplies

What handmade possession do you most treasure?
I was recently given a beautiful bracelet by Trena at YGM design, it's incredible. I'm blown away by how many talented people I have met since starting Sweet Es.

Apart from making/creating, what do you do?
I also run a freelance graphic design company (Elk Design) and look after my 2 boys Toby and Thomas. Life is hectic and busy but lots of fun!!         

What music is on 'high rotate' on your stereo or iPod at the moment?
Bruno Mars, I love the soppy lyrics and Adele.

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Thank you so much Emma!

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