Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Meet the Seller- Porcelain Rove

Say Hello to one of The Devonport Craft Market & Craft Social's regulars - Jaime Young of Porcelain Rove

How long have you been involved in your craft?
All of my life in some way I have always loved creating things and making gifts for friends and family.

What is your craft?
At the moment I work primarily in the medium of clay, slip-casting vessels curios and whatever else I can imagine. My cups are cast from disposable coffee cups that I have decorated. I shape them after they have left the mould changing the surface contour, colour and size so every piece is unique.

How did you get started creating?
When I was little we had a brilliant make and do book  that I spent many rainy days making things from the articles, I became quite addicted to creating with clay while completing a bachelor of design.

What inspires you?

So many things, nature, urban landscapes, new things, old things. I love tactility and connecting with an object through the experience of using it. I find clay very inspirational, the way it changes from a soft mouldable lump to a finely finished smooth functional and durable creation that many of us as an everyday part of our lives. 

What is your favourite book?
I also adore curious stories like Alice in Wonderland, a twisting of reality, the somewhat unusual. I want to share this through the items I create something surprising and unexpected, objects that are not readily available elsewhere.

What is your favourite food?
I’m a slightly obsessive baker… so muffins, scones and biscuits preferably with chocolate.           

Favourite inspiration site; blog or online shop

How did you come up with your stall / shop name?
Fate mixed with practicality, I chose the name as my email address about 8 years ago and after discovering a love of ceramics it stuck.

Apart from The Devonport Craft Market, Where can people buy your work?
Direct from me by email porcelain_rove@hotmail.com or Blog: jamieyoung.wordpress.com

You can see Jaime and her beautiful work at the next Devonport Craft Market (1st November 2009, 10-3, Devonport Community House, 32 Clarence St, Devonport)

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