Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet the Seller - Jo from Infusions

Jo has been a Devonport Craft Market regular since the Market opened in May last year. A native of the Mother Land, Jo and her family have been living in NZ for the last 18mths. Her Kiln made the trek with her across the Ocean. She tells us a little about why glass infusion has her hooked.  

How long have you been working with glass?
About 5 years. I'm a glass fuser. It involves using a kiln to heat glass to a very high temperature, melting layers together - and never being quite sure what the end product will look like. I work with art glass, but have an increasing interest in recycling bottles and other scrap glass into useable objects. I never mass produce as this would bore me rigid, and stifles creativity.

Tell us about the name Infusions.
The name 'Infusions' describes what I do perfectly. I'm merging different coloured and textured glasses together, sometimes with metal, to create a new complete object. Also, glass fusing is a real melding of both technical and artistic disciplines.

How did you start creating?
After having each of my two children, I had an overwhelming urge to try something new (and my husband encouraged me as I was driving him mad). After my first daughter, I went and hiked around China to raise money for a fostering charity, and after my second I went off to Brighton to work with a glass artist. From the first time I opened a kiln to reveal what was inside I was hooked. I've always loved the element of surprise.

What inspires you?
Everything. Colours, the sea, my children, flowers, the sky, but most of all my mood. If I'm not feeling creative, I don't fuse.

 Tell us about your favourite book?
 Hmm, a tough question as I read lots. Scar Tissue by Anthony Keidis (the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) is the most amazing account of a battle with addiction. Very raw and honest. I tend to favour books that demonstrate the power of a human to win through.

And food - tell us what food you can't live without?
Oh, I love food. Italian, Mexican, chocolate, mashed potato, Sunday roast, marmite (the British one), eggs, sushi, good cake, fresh bread, summer fruits - you get the picture. I really love food. I really couldn't pick one.

Aside from the Devonport Craft Market, where else can people buy your art? From my Felt store or come to my house, where you can have a look whilst I make you a cup of tea :)


  1. I have a pair of earrings from 'Infusions' and I am hooked… literally! I have always worn traditional gold earrings with butterfly fastenings so it was a huge change to wear cosmetic jewellery with a hook fastening…… They are fantastic, I wear them everyday as they are now my favourites! The earrings are so comfortable to wear, I thought they would be heavy as they are made from glass but they are so light and because they have been created individually by Jo, when I wear them they make me feel more individual. A great Gift idea…. especially for Mother's Day… here's hoping….

  2. Hi Vanessa, thanks for the comments. I do strive for quality which is why I use no glue (no weak spots), and use only sterling silver findings. I also find my earrings very comfortable, I've even slept in mine. You should drop by and see me as I've just had a new shipment of glass in great colours, so will have new stock very very soon. xxx