Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet the Seller - Lisa from Estella Rose

Lisa's label Estella Rose is new to the Market scene - but a welcome addition! Her bags are lovely - something for everyone. Learn a little bit about Lisa and her creations below.

 How long have you been making and where did your shop name come from?
I have always been a sewer but have been selling my bags for only 3 months. Estella Rose is my youngest Daughters name, it was also my husbands grandmothers name.

What is it that you make?
My main thing is bags made from beautiful fabrics that I buy from America, I want to use fabrics that you don’t see in New Zealand so ‘Im constantly looking on the internet for websites I can buy unusual and different product from. I also sew purses and fabric brooches. I love to collect buttons and interesting bits from second-hand shops so I use these on my bags and brooches as well. I have an obsession with fabric and have a large stash of fabrics and buttons that I have always wanted to make something from.

What gives you inspiration?
 I thought its always hard to find the perfect bag so I could make my own and once I started to buy fabrics I realised what I could actually create and it started from there. Usually I see a fabric design and I get inspired from there. Also customers give me a lot of inspiration because they are always telling me what they want in a bag, a bag is so personal and so I try to make them all different to hopefully suit all tastes.

Your favourite read?
I mostly read kids books these days! I have 2 girls. Each peach pear plum is a cool book. The last book I remember reading for myself was Slave by Mende Nazer

and your favourite guilty pleasure (the food kind!!)
I have a real sweet tooth so I would have to say chocolate but I do love pastries.  

Online inspiration? is where I get a lot of my fabric, it is a huge site and I can usually spend hours looking through the fabrics. I also love Flickr, there is so much amazing stuff and I always look on there for inspiration if I’m having an uncreative moment. 

Aside from the Devonport Craft Market, where can people buy your bags and other products?
I sell on Felt and I also do custom order bags, people can email me on estellarose.products[at]gmail[dot]com.

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