Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meet the Seller - Briana from The Ragdoll Princess

Meet Briana Baker from The Ragdoll Princess.
Briana has been seriously crafting since she had her daughter a year ago.

In this profile we learn about Briana's creations and the inspiration behind them.

What do you make and what will people find at your stall on Sunday?

Fancy tutus, beautiful hair accessories and girly clothes.
I've been interested in fashion design since I was very young and used to spend hours making dresses for my barbie dolls. More recently though, I began indulging in my love for girly frills when we found out we were having a wee princess after two gorgeous boys.      

What inspires you?
Gorgeous fabric, ribbon prints, buttons and blooms.  

Down to the nitty gritty - tell us about your favourite Book and Food?    
I barely have time for reading these days! So my current favourite is a children's book  'Shh Little Mouse' by Pamela Allen. My favourite food -  It's a close tie between chocolate and ice cream.      
The Ragdoll Princess is an interesting name - tell us about how you came up with it?
I really wanted a name with some contrast and I liked the way 'ragdoll' and 'princess' don't usually go together, but somehow fit beautifully.

There is a world of online inspiration - where do you draw your online inspiration from?

I love looking at the patterns on Etsy, especially Heidi and Finn.

When you are not at the Devonport Craft Market, where can people find your amazing creations?
I mainly sell through my facebook page or my Felt shop.

The Ragdoll Princess has offered readers a special prize for the market this Sunday (1st May). Readers will be able to purchase a pair of Princess Slides/Mini Bow clips for $3 (usually $5). What a great deal - thanks so much Briana.