Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Market Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Devonport Craft Market - Christmas Market.
It is the last market to be held in the Community House for the year - the last market of the year will be held on the Windsor Reserve in Devonport as part of the Devonport Christmas Festival (note: there will be a smaller number of sellers at this market).
If you want to secure some quality HANDMADE gifts for the ones you like and love for Christmas.

Check out some of our gift guides below:

See you Sunday with plenty of Christmas Cheer! There will be Jingles!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meet the Seller - Renee from The Little White Box

Meet Renee from The Little White Box. I am a major fan of her stunning work and am building up a collection as we speak. I know you will love her work as you will love hearing about where it all began and some insights into Renee and her process!

What is your craft?
Ceramics and I’m a Ceramist who makes tableware from materials by the process of pottery. I’m not a ‘potter’ as they are craftspeople who shape clay on a wheel and then fire it. My pieces are made from moulds using a slip casting process so multiple can be made keeping the shape consistent. Once they come out of the mould, the ‘greenware’ is then fired to turn it into a porous bisque that is painted using a stamping process to ensure the uniformity of each design. They are then dipped into glaze and fired for a final time at 1160 degrees which ensure they become water tight vessels ready to use.

How did you get started creating?
I studied a bachelor of creative industries/visual arts and have been a secondary art and photography teacher for the past 10 years. When my little boy arrived I thought it was time to get back to being creative and threw caution to the wind and started The Little White Box last December so we are nearly one year old!

Where did your original inspiration come from?
I was 5 and drew a picture of  'Bambi' from a Walt Disney book and took it to show my Nana. I will never forget she said that I was an artist and I got that from my great grandmother. She showed me three oil paintings of stags hanging on her wall and from that day on I knew I was going to be creative. I think living in the UK for 10 years I was truly inspired by the the Victorian Potters of Stoke-on-Trent. I supposed I got caught up in this romantic notion of hand made craftsmanship, of skills that were learnt in yesteryear and set about crafting those skills myself.

What are you reading at the moment?
At the moment it would be my Yates Garden Guide for New Zealand was given to me as a birthday present. I’m new to gardening and it is just brilliant.

And what is your favourite food?
My mum’s homemade Monte Carlos - they are to die for a with a perfectly brewed cup of tea I’m in heaven (obviously drunk out of one of my country mugs)!!!!

Where do you get your online inspiration from?
Too hard to just mention a few. I had a look at my bookmarks and I have a folder called NZ Craft and a separate one called Inspiration. Between the two I have over 150 bookmarks. It goes without saying the internet is amazing and is an open source for inspiration (but then the library is too and there is nothing like thumbing through books and magazines!!)

Where did you come up with your business name?
The Little White Box is all about the notion of giving a gift, something unique and one-of-a-kind. Our logo is an optical illusion - you either see a hexagon or you see a box. That parallels the whole idea when you receive a gift and those first few seconds you open it - it’s what ever you want it to be.  I also like the idea that a little white box is a blank canvas to do what ever you want. I hand paint each item so it means no two pieces are exactly the same, creating little artworks in themselves.

When you are not at the Devonport Craft Market, where can people buy your wares?
My website and also in my FELT store

To celebrate this Meet the Seller Interview, The Little White Box have created a special offer for shoppers at the Devonport Craft Market. 

For the October 16th market The Little White box will be offering  20% of their website prices for that one day and if you spend over $30 you will receive a free Red Heart Ceramic Ornament valued at $6.

Thanks Renee for your generous offer.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Meet the Seller - Susanne from Rose Rouge

Meet Susanne from Rose Rouge. Susanne has been making, well, forever! Find out more about her and her special craftwork below.

Tell us what you do?
I combine my knowledge of sewing and embriodery to make a range of exquisite handmade gifts, for that very special someone in your life, that are uniquely crafted and cannot be purchased in stores.
I make silk ribbon and organza hand embriodered cushions.  Rose and Lavender hand embriodered fragrance bags that soothe the senses and smell fantastic.
Lovingly decorated lavender hearts, designer aprons, minature embroidered velvet bags and jewellery pouches are some of my most popular gift selections.

How did you get started creating?
I have always had a passion to create something beautiful.  When I was a child I would wait until the family went to bed and get mums sewing machine out and in the morning I had completed a fabulous garment to wear.  My mother always gave me alot of support and was amazed at what I had created.
After returning from travelling in the US I gave up corporate life to have a family.  My husband bought me a terrific sewing machine and an overlocker and I went to night sewing classes tolearn how to make the best use of them.
I found a real joy in the craft and love multi-tasking.  I found watching TV was just idol time and therefore, I often work on my embriodery at night.
Instead of spending hours shopping for generic mass produced items that everyone has or can get, I spent my time inventing and creating one-off uniquely special gifts for the people close to me and my friends.  As a hobby, I discovered that there was more joy in making these gifts for other people, who wished to delight their own friends with special gifts of love.

What inspires you?
My young daughter over the years has inspired me to make a lot of items that I never thought I could actually do.  As a child, she does not see any boundaries and has challenged me to make all sorts of unusual things and in a very short timeframe.  Mermaid tails, countless fancy dresses, teddy bears, ragdolls, wedding dresses made out of trash and so the list goes on.
Beautiful fabric has always inspired me and when I found that material was lacking something special, I started embriodering on it. Beautiful flowers also inspire me.  And of course being surrounded by a lot of very talented people at the Devonport Craft Market is really inspiring and rewarding.

What is your favorite reading material?
Your Home and Garden, Vogue, and Creative Embriodery.  Actually any craft books I can get my hands on at the Library.

Your favorite food?
High tea at The Brookview Tea House is one of my favourites. And summer fruits including mouthwatering strawberries.

What is your favorite online inspiration site, online shop or blog?
Trelise Cooper Fabric and Pretty Things has to be my favourite fabric store.
The Ribbon Rose  is a treasure trove I regularly visit.
and Etsy of course!

Where did the name Rose Rouge come from?
The name RoSe RouGe came from the fact that I just adore Roses and love all shades of the colour red. Coincidentally, the name contains both of my own initials - SG :)
As a result, you will find a lot of my gift range is embroidered with roses.

When you are not at the Devonport Craft Market, where can people buy your lovely products?
You can find me every Fortnight at The Orewa Craft Market  and The Kingsway Designer Evening

Offer for Readers
Susanne has a wonderful offer for all readers of this profile - Mention you have read this RoSe RouGe interview and purchase two hand-embroidered fragrance bags of your choice in rose or lavender, for a very special price of just $16 (for both).   These will make an ideal gift or a special treat.  Great to stock up on now for Christmas.  Available while stocks last.

Meet the Seller - Jacqui from Ernie and Pears

A newcomer to the market scene, we have been so impressed with the stylings and offerings from Ernie and Pears.

Tell us about what makes up the Ernie and Pears range?
It is a range of bits and bobs. I think I am still trying to find my way in the crafting world but my direction lends itself towards bespoke home decor. I use British inspired fabrics and driftwood Ernie and I collect.

How did you get started creating?
It was all thanks to Judith from Ruby Jude and Vicki from Petit Bebe Creations. I would religiously  go to all the craft markets each weekend and have a lookie and dream of being a stall holder and each week they would encourage me to apply and just do it! So I did! Thanks ladies!

What inspires you?
I love the British crafting community, beach combing with Ernie, beautiful fabrics and linens, domestic blogs and the fact that if I try I can achieve.

So something about you.... tells us about your favorite book and favorite food?
My favorite book would be "Ten Sorry Tales by Mick Jackson - it is AMAZING! Short and outrageously sweet stories. It's in the Auckland Library.
And my favorite food.... well....Anything naughty!

Where on the internet do you find inspiration?
I love the following blogs:
No Big Dill 
Charlotte Macey Textiles 

How did you come up with the name Ernie and Pears?
I have a little sausage dog called Ernie and I love him to bits so I decided to name it after him. And the Pears.... it's a secret. 

When you are not at the Devonport Craft Market, where can people buy your lovely wares?
I am lucky enough to have the support from Christina down at Port Rd Gallery in Whangamata. She has a fleet of my bespoke driftwood boats.

Meet the Seller - Saskia from Saskia.N Designs


Meet the lovely Saskia from saskia.n Designs.

Saskia has been creating hand cast crafted resin jewelry since 2005. See some of her lovely work and find out where it all began.

Where did you learn your craft?
I was introduced to the process at Art School in 2005, and then picked it up again last year for an exhibition, where I made jewellery that featured images from my paintings/prints on show.  The jewellery was a hit, and I had a lot of spare resin so decided to make some more and it just expanded from there!
What inspires you?
Paper, colour, illustrations, papercraft, Hayao Miyazaki- Studio Ghibli films, Andy Warhol, Rosalie Gascoigne, design, flowers, stamps, coins and anything exciting I can stick in resin!

Tell us about your favorite book and food?
For the book - Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion. (I just couldn't decide...) and for the food: Ginger Crunch, Sushi and mandarins mmmmmm

Where do you go for online inspiration?
Etsy - I Love browsing all the amazing art, clothing, vintage products and designs other amazing people are making!

Where did you come up with the name for your stall?
I wanted something simple that I could use to separate jewellery design from my other art work, but still keeping my name in the mix.

When you are not at the Devonport Craft Market, where can people buy your goodies?
In my FELT store, my Facebook Page and also on
You can also find me at some other markets in Auckland (Crafternoon Tea and The Mt Eden Craft Market)

Special Offer:
Saskia has a special offer for all readers of this profile. Mention that you read the profile and receive 15% discount off total spend price - WOW - Alsoevery purchase comes in a cute wee box with a baby origami crane! Thanks Saskia - very generous!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meet the Seller - Rose from Rose in Thorns

Meet Rose from Rose in Thorns. A long time crafter, Rose is a multi-talented artist and crafter whose primary craft is candle making.

Where did you learn your craft?
My mother is very crafty, so taught me a lot of different crafts when I was young.

What inspires you?
The resurgence of craft has been has been a great influence, with all the new craft fairs popping up, online marketplaces such as Felt, and the craft community as a whole, through reading blogs and meeting people. My philiosophy is to create things that are sustainable, beautiful and functional. So I am often inspired by the materials themselves, as I think of ways to repurpose them into something beautiful.

What is your favourite book?
I don't have a favourite book, I have read so many! At the moment I am re-reading Mary Poppins, they are a childhood classic, and as my mum always says, so much better than the movie.

And your favourite food?
I have recently been diagnosed with Coeliac disease, and can't eat gluten any more. So anytime I discover a gluten free version of something I have had to give up, I can get quite excited...

Favourite inspiration site or online shop:
Lovely Sweet William is my favorite blog.

How did you come up with your stall name?
It was originally 'Rose among thorns' – a play on my name, and a reference to finding beauty in the unexpected – one instance being recycling old candles into beautiful new ones.

When you are not the the Devonport Craft market - where can people buy your wares?
Online at Felt, Toggle and hopefully a selection of shops in Auckland soon.

Rose has a generous offer for anyone who reads this profile read on for the details!
Anyone who spends $20 or more at the market, and mentions they saw this interview will receive a free tealight of their choice. An offer not to be missed!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Last of the August Market Giveaways

Purchase something from one of our stall holders at the Market on Sunday and you can go into the draw to win:

Kitchen Set - Pot Mit, Towel and Plastic Bag Bag from Caro's Cats
Tissue Pouch - from Caro's Cats
Ipod Pouch - from Caro's Cats
Glasses Case - from Caro's Cats
Wooden Tic Tac Toe - Marko Craft Sushi King

Thanks to all of our sellers who have donated an item for a prize draw! We will let you know the winners at the end of the day!

Friday, August 5, 2011

August Market Giveaway 22 - Sandra Waine Printmaker

Purchase an item at the Devonport Craft Market in August and go into the draw to win these lovely handcarved stamps from Sandra Waine Printmaker

Thanks Sandra!

August Market Giveaway 21 - Liberty Lane

Purchase an item at the Devonport Craft Market in August and go into the draw to win this lovely Felt Crown from Liberty Lane.

Thanks Stephanie!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

August Market Giveaway 20 - One Button

Purchase an item from the Devonport Craft Market in August and go into the draw to win this great gift voucher from One Button!

Thanks One Button!

August Market Giveaway 19 - Zippity Doo Dah

Purchase an item from the market in August and go into the draw to win this lovely owl doorstop from Zippity Doo Dah!

We think this is Owl-Right! Thanks Zippity Doo Dah!

August Market Giveaway 18 - Colleen Barbarich

Purchase something from the August Market and go into the draw to win this exquisite pin cushion and needle case from Colleen Barbarich!

Thanks Colleen!

August Market Giveaway 17 - Crafty Creations

Purchase an item at the August market and go into the draw to win a Felt Burger from Crafty Creations.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Market Giveaway 16 - Anthony Maxey Printmaker

Purchase something at the Devonport Craft Market in August and go into the draw to win this beautiful print from Anthony Maxey.

August Market Giveaway 15 - NalaBoo

Purchase something at the August market and go into the draw to win a lovely beanie  and bootie set from Nala Boo.

The item for the giveaway is the set on the left hand side.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Market Giveaway 14 - Go Benny Go

Purchase something from the Devonport Craft Market in August and go into the draw to win this very cool print from Go Benny Go!

Thanks so much Go Benny Go!

August Market Giveaway 13 - Bellbird Designs

Purchase something from the Devonport Craft Market in August and go into the draw to wing this stunning pendant necklace from Bellbird Designs.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Meet the Seller - Chrissie from Run.cutie

Meet Chrissie McKain from run.cutie Jewellery + Design who has been designing and making for... well... forever!

What is it that you create?
I like to craft in all different mediums... hand drawn and digital illustration, jewellery making, sewing, painting and graphic design. Right now I am most interested in turning my illustrations into wearable art jewellery and some secret kids 'stuff'  that will be revealed soon!! "I have always been a 'creative' person with a passion for drawing and design. It helped to have a wonderfully creative mum who was always at hand to help with the next DIY project!

How did you get started creating?
I also completed a degree in Media Arts from WINTEC, Hamilton which gave me an opportunity to explore the arts, and develop my own style of design." Books, adventure, people and places.....but mostly its believing that its possible to make almost anything you desire. Sure, you will always be restricted by availability of supplies, money, time etc... but I find this the most rewarding challenge. 

What are you inspired by?
The people who inspire me the most are those that have made their own way in the creative industry, finding new and innovative solutions to the challenges they face.

Tell us about you favourite book:
The Character Encyclopaedia, by Pictoplasma. Its a beautifully crafted book, with little vector characters stamped into its shiny black vinyl cover... I have a number of illustration books in my precious shelf at home, but this one trumps the lot!!  I think they were wrong when they said 'never judge a book by it's cover'... go and see for yourself at:"

And what about your favourite food?
Anything sweet, but mainly chocolate... 
Chocolate cake, Chocolate muffins, Chocolate mousse, Chocolate milk, Chocolate ice cream, Chocolate yougurt, Chocolate.... you get the idea!
I think M&M's are the best creative chocolate. While sitting at the table with my notebook pondering all the new and exciting creations that are about to be made... it seams quite therapeutic to make (and eat) my little rainbow coloured m&m smiley faces"

Where you find inspiration online?
Some of the places I like to visit online are:

How did you come up with the name Run.Cutie?
The name run.cutie was created to sound girly & quirky... but more importantly to be memorable. I also have a range of 'cutie clutches' and will soon be launching the run.cutie kids range.

Apart from the Devonport Craft Market, where can we buy run.cutie?
Run.cutie  is available at the following places:
Misty Lang Boutique, Newmarket and the The House of Hedone, High Street, Auckland
You can also purchase from my FELT store or at Foxes.

You can contact me at my run.cutie website and on Facebook.

Run.Cutie has offered the most AMAZING and EXCLUSIVE offer to readers of this profile. For any readers of the profile who purchase a Run.cute necklace at the August Devonport Craft Market and you can choose a pair of 12mm studs or french earrings for free. Earrings are valued at $22.50 per set.
While stocks last. Offer exclusive to Devonport Craft Market.

Meet the Seller - Leanne from Feel at Home

Meet Leanne from Feel at Home. A maker of soaps and other scrumptious items for the last 5 years. Leanne is a regular at the Devonport Craft Market and we love to have her around. Learn all about what makes this lovely lady tick.

What do you make?
I make natural soaps, skin care, bath products, lotions, lip balm.... anything that goes on the skin - I make.  I use only natural plant oils, only pure essential oils for fragrance, no artificial colours.  I do my best to support other NZ businesses, I use only organically grown NZ Olive  and Avocado Oils - and all of my products are strictly palm oil free.

How did you start creating?
Here in New Zealand, I began creating out of need.  My son has allergies and had eczema and I was frustrated by the lack of choice offered, and so it began...
I must say, I am a comforts kinda girl, and love to feel like I am being pampered, and found that many natural products didn't satisfy my desire for the indulgent, and so that's the direction I have taken with my range.

What inspires you?
Beauty.  Broad term, I know, but there is beauty EVERYWHERE!  I love the beach, in all its moods, I love fresh flowers, I love how nature seems to know what we need, and then delivers!  I will often take my camera out and get the close up lens on, I find when things get too much, or overwhelming, it helps to focus on something small and beautiful, a water droplet on a leaf, blossoms on a lemon tree... whatever.  I often put those up on my Facebook Page... Then everyone nows I am having a rough day, and have taken time out to focus!

Tell us about your favourite book
That is such a hard question!  I read ALL the TIME!  Emotionally,  one of my favorite books is "The Alchemist" which basically is a wonderful story of how often our treasure is right where we are, but we have to travel away from where we are to appreciate it...  But what many people won't know is that I am a Sci-Fi Fantasy girl - no Romance novels for me, I loved Lord of the Rings, and will often read books under the pretense of making sure they are ok for my boys to read when actually I like reading them myself!  Anything with Dragons is good for me! Ha!

And your favourite food?
That's the same as the book question!  I eat ALL the TIME!  I LOVE food!  It will be my ultimate downfall!  Fresh food... in season.  I am a salty rather than a sweet person, I head for veggies before fruit and salt and vinegar chips before anything else!  When I am good, I am very very good, and when I am bad I break open a bag of chips (and I won't share them)  Cheese and crackers....  good re wine....  excuse me, I have to go and have a snack now!

Where do you find inspiration online?
It varies - often there will be links to something that appeals to me on Facebook and I will head over and check it out.  There is SOOOOO much inspirational stuff out there to benefit from;  and for on online shop I would have to say that (just quietly) I drool over Shoes of Prey  - where you can create your own shoes!  One day... I promise myself, I will do that!  I love shoes!  

Tell us how you came about your name "Feel at Home"?
It has always been my belief that confidence is one of the most attractive things a person can have, when someone is confident, they stand taller, smile more and somehow make people want to know them more!  And Feeling at Home in your own skin, both in the physical sense and the emotional sense is the root of confidence.  And being that I make beautiful things for the skin - I thought the name fit, that plus the fact that I work from home, seemed to be the right fit to me.  

When you are not at the Devonport Craft Market where can we buy your lovely creations?
I work with the Hector Trust, so I can be found at North Shore Hospital and Greenlane Hospital on rotating Thursdays (check my website for the calendar) I also have online shopping both on my own website and on my Facebook Page.  I am heading to the Spring Gift Fair this year, so look out for Lather and Lotion by feel at home in a shop near you later in the year! Fingers Crossed!