Sunday, March 12, 2017

Building an Ark...

That's what we should have been doing today, instead of having a Market.  My goodness, that rain poured and poured and poured.  The perseverance award for the day has to go to Terry from Timberworks who stuck it out in his gazebo and made plans for improving his waterproofing.  Also to John our Shot Coffee man who brought his van closer and closer until we thought he might be coming inside with us!

Undeterred by the awful weather we cosied up closer and I got the chance to have a chat with just about all of the sellers - I love hearing the stories of how everyone got into their craft and hearing ideas for the market.

So today was very much about getting to know people and making new friends.  It was great to welcome some new faces to the market today - as well as catching up with some familiar ones too.

I'm full of ideas for the next one ... I can't wait for April!!

Hope to see you there .... don't forget ... Sunday 9th April, 10am to 2pm - it's the week before Easter and I'm sure there will be some wonderful Easter treats to tempt you.