Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet the Seller - Nikki from Odd One Out

I think you will all agree that Odd One Out brings a unique and interesting flavour to the Market. 
Meet Nikki and Odd One Out in this Meet the Seller interview - make sure you read to the end to find out about Odd One Out's Meet the Seller special offer for this month!

What is your art or craft? 
Odd One Out products are all based around the idea of up-cycling, they are made predominately from vintage and salvaged materials – meaning each item is original and one off.  My range is ever expanding but at the moment includes; vintage plates with quirky hand painted illustrations, cushions and light shades made with retro fabric remnants and old woolen blankets.  Re-invented jewellery using vintage and found pieces as well as kitsch photographs of vintage Japanese ornaments in brightly coloured ornate metal frames.

How did you start creating? 
I have been making stuff since I can remember. Some of my favourite books as a kid were the ones that showed you how to make fantastic stuff out of junk around the house, needless to say my family suffered through years of presents made from margarine containers and cotton reels!  Not much has changed since then actually; I went to Art school and then studied Textile Design where I continued to be inspired by discarded objects and so called ‘junk’.  After completing my Bachelor of design and then working as a commercial Textile Designer for 7 years I took some time out in 2009 to raise my little boy. During that time I realized that I absolutely had to be doing something creative or I’m just not that happy, so I began to go through some notebooks from my student days and rework some of my ideas – Odd One Out emerged!

Where did the name Odd One Out come from? 
I can’t actually remember when I first thought of the name.  Being a compulsive notebook sketcher and scribbler I have pages of drawings and lists of words and quotes that I love.  When looking for inspiration I go back and trawl through these books – out popped Odd One Out one day at the perfect moment and voila.  I love the shape that the words make when you write them, the letters are all flowing and the name seems to suit my work as it makes you think of something quirky and a bit different.

What inspires you? 
I get inspiration from everywhere – I wouldn’t really say it was from one continuous source.  I love to pick up books and magazines on random subjects (a tattoo magazine inspired my first range of plate designs), vintage shops and flea markets throw up some interesting finds which inspire new pieces and of course going to craft markets and talking with other fantastic crafters keeps me inspired and motivated.

What is your favorite book? 
Having a two year old and trying to keep up with my orders doesn’t really allow me the chance to dig into a proper book at the moment.   So I would have to say my favourite books are my little collection of ‘Edition Paumes’ interior design books.  I love looking at all the inspiring pictures and I couldn’t read them even if I wanted to because the text is all in Japanese!

And your favourite food?
Its actually a food drink combo with special instructions, just to be difficult!  For me nothing beats a cup of tea with a Chit Chat straw.  You bite the ends off the Chit Chat and suck the tea up through it before shoving the lot in your mouth before it all falls apart.  Sounds gross but it is heaven – believe me!

Favourite inspiration site / blog / online shop:
I am becoming increasingly addicted to blogs, which is a dangerous thing! Some of my favs at the moment are:

And I have just discovered Pinterest (oh no!)

Aside from the Devonport Craft Market, where can people buy your work? 
You can buy Odd One Out online from Felt and Toggle.  Commissions and special requests through Facebook  and the Odd One Out website or find Nikki at other markets around Auckland. Odd one Out retails outside of Auckland - details at the website.

Nikki has been really generous and offered
 $5 off any one item if you mention 
that you have read her profile.

Meet the Seller - Lin from Moz-Art

Meet Lin and Moz-Art. 
This is Lin's first Devonport Craft Market 
and we know you will be so excited to see her creations.
Read more about Lin and her influences in this Meet the Seller interview.

Where did you come up with your stall name?
I’m  Belgian, moved here now 5 years ago and I speak Flemish which is dialect of Dutch. ` Mozaiek `in Dutch means mosaic . Because that is what I have been doing for as long as I can remember now ,even in my wearable art cause I consider every single item that I make a mosaic art piece. Bits and pieces of left-overs and recycled and new materials all brought together and  turned into a one-off garment.  So Moz-art ( Mosaicart) was born, and the fact that Mozart is European as well makes it even more alluring."

What is your craft?
I don’t 'box' myself in, you know, I do so many thing, but only things that I love doing. So maybe I guess mosaic in general is my craft and  I extended it to all sort of medium ,I guess. I’ve been a window-dresser in Belgium for 15 years and that as  well is kind of a mosaic. You start of with an empty box and fill it up with bits and pieces into something beautiful, into' eye candy'. But what I focus on now the most is creating one-off skirts and clothing and bags for women who want to show their strong energy, their happiness in wearing that color and fabric combination that defines them, that one-off created for that woman.

How did you start creating?
My grandfather was a tailor. He made suits and uniforms for the sailors and marines, he had a workshop on the riverside of Antwerp. I redesigned his old label(70yaers old) into the one that I’m using for my creations. And my mum was always creating and making clothes for me and my sister. Nobody ever taught me but chatting with my mum, even when I was a little girl, while she was creating, I think it just got stuck in my head from watching and it just comes out while I create. So no pattern thinking, just doing what I feel, what I love while I’m creating.           

What inspires you?
Everyday life, that what surrounds me, colors, people, trees, nature, the ocean........, New Zealand...... And my walks....... I walk everyday through gorgeous bush and awesome beaches first thing in the morning before I start creating and it energizes my creative soul.......ideas, colors, combinations keep on rolling in on those walks and it keeps me going, keep me loving it more and more everyday

What is your favourite book?
As I’m so busy with creating and loving that I don’t find often the time to read a book...... But the book that changed my life  is `The power of Now` by Eckhart Tolle.
It made me look at life in a different way and find my inner strength to believe in my power to do what I really love, to believe in the power of my soul..... and live the life that I’m living and loving so I guess that is definitely my favorite book.

And your favourite food?
That must be Italian. Being Belgian, being European ,that must be the only thing what I sometimes really miss here, is the real European food. I adore Italian food, could eat it everyday, the simpler the better. A real Italian pasta Napoletana: pasta, olive oil, the right herbs and real Italian tomatoes........mmmmmmmh brilliant.
Oh and real mozzarella, fresh basil and tomatoes.......yummmmm, real European bread......Yes, that is definitely the only thing here  that I miss!           

This is your first time at The Devonport Craft Market, where else can people find you?
I work from home and Matapihi gallery in Raglan, so you are more then welcome to visit me there.
I work at a number of weekend markets. You can find me at Titirangi market, Coatesville summer markets, Raglan creative market, Tamahere market and during the summer season on heaps of festivals and galas; Greylynn festival, Keltic fair, Martinborough fair.
You can also find me online on www.

Make sure you come down and see Lin on Sunday!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meet the Seller - Jude from Ruby Jude

Judith Howker is a Mixed Media artist who has been at the Devonport Craft Market for the last few months. Following the birth of her daughter 5 years ago, her creative energy surged and Ruby Jude was the result.

Where did the name Ruby Jude come from?
Well, My name is Judith and I shortened it to Jude when I arrived in NZ and the Ruby, well, for thousands of years, the ruby has been considered one of the most valuable gemstones on Earth. It has everything a precious stone should have: magnificent colour, excellent hardness and outstanding brilliance. In addition to that, it is an extremely rare gemstone, especially in its finer qualities!!

What is your art or craft?
My art is play and playing with glue, paint scissors, pens, ink, paint, cutting out paper then more paper then gluing,  maybe more paint don't forget the words........ ah yes the beautiful dance of  mixed media art is just amazingly tactile, healing and incredibly fulfilling. As a mixed media artist I create my story, your story and our stories, present, past and future. The medium transcends barriers touching the soul with love and meaning like all other art can, this is why I am in love with this craft.     

How did you start creating?
As a little girl I got lost using colour with the hugest felt tip collection ever. Making my days bright, sunny and light fed my wee little soul full of dreams and possibilities!!! Then I grew up got serious and tucked that part of me away. However the birth of my first little girl came with a key that unlocked my passion for colour and well here I am a big girl now living out my little girl dreams!           

What inspires you?
Ah life, friendship, love, my children, the passion to colour my world. Having always lived by the ocean I feel that feeds a huge part of my creative ideas. Its colours,the movement,  the sparkle when the suns out, soft sand under barefoot................freedom. Of course others artists, photography and a new site I have discovered called Pinintrest all play there part.           

What is your favorite book?
Would have to be Sophie's World, a child's book on Philosophy and James and the Giant Preach which happened to ignite my desire to read!

And your favourite food?
New York Philly Burgers, just delish. I completed an exchange in the US when I was a teenager and alas I have never found them outside of the USA since!!           

Favourite inspiration site / blog / online shop:
Oh so many to choose from and here's just a few!

Aside from the Devonport Craft Market, where can people buy your work?
You can find my work at Felt and Etsy online am working on a website as I write. I also attend other markets in the Auckland region.

Meet the Seller Special
Jude has a wonderfully generous special for all market goers who read this profile. All bloc mounted prints are available for ½ price ($10) for all of those who mention that they read this profile – while stocks last! Make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing offer!