Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meet the Seller: Tanya from Heavenly Nature

Where did your brand name come from?
My inspirations came from natural ingredient and the Mother Nature hence the name :)    

When did you begin making and what was your inspiration?
I have always been intrigued by the life style from the old days when everything is hand crafted one by one using the materials from mother nature, sadly such amazing craftsmanship and technique is fading away in the modern days, instead everything is mass produced using the nasty chemical ingredients to drive the cost down but harms both your skin and the environment. It was then I begin to create different recipes of skin care products based on the natural ingredient and ancient recipes, such as essential oils, herbs and flowers to create skin loving recipes for different skin types and I have being doing this for a year.   

What do you make?
Mainly soaps, our handmade soaps are made with natural ingredients, essential oil and perfumes to create mild formula that is great for all skin types for soothing and hydrating rough, dry and sensitive skin, also great for protect our environment form nasty chemicals.
I also make massage bars, which serves double-duty as luxurious massage oil or after shower body moisturizer with a different aroma for different needs, some massage bar with sparkles and glitters they are very subtle and pretty, gives you a vivid glow that lights up pale, wintery skin. Perfect for parties and social gatherings that needs a little something extra. I also make natural lip balms and solid perfume.

Who has been the most influential in your craft?
No one in particular, I guess I am influenced by beautifully crafted cakes and desert.         

What inspires you?
The inspiration of my soap making comes from nature, foods, arts, stories and my life experiences.         

What is your favorite book?
My favourite book is “Bible” and The Secret:)

Your favorite food?    
Chocolate, cheesecake and ice cream, they don't  sounds very healthy, but I love it, I also like fruits , my favourite is cherry and Mango. Yummy!        I go to designer or artist website to find inspirations :) 

What handmade possesion do you most treasure?    
A vintage Chinese ivory puzzle ball pendant, it is approx 1.9cm across and it has 3 separate and movable carved balls inside each ball carved from a single piece of ivory. It’s a fascinating incredible piece of artistry and workmanship!      

Apart from making/creating, what do you do?
I am also a freelance graphic designer, occasionally do some designs for my clients, I spend most of the time working on branding for my products.  I also go to belly dance class every Wednesday as well as looking after my husband and my border collies.            

What music is on 'high rotate' on your stereo or iPod at the moment?
I love The Cranberries and Quincy Coleman.

When you are not at the Devonport Craft Market - where can people find your work?     
You can find me on my Facebook page, my new website will be coming soon 
I also go to the other craft markets in Auckand.

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Goat Milk Lavender Facial Soap
A gentle, effective cleansing facial soap specially formulated for all skin types. Enriched with goat milk, shea butter, Honey, lavender essential oil, it is the perfect soothing everyday soap substitute cleanser for use on the face, hands and body. The low lathering and PH balanced formula soothes and softens the skin as it cleanses and helps the skin retain much needed moisture.

Meet the Seller: Nerissa Cassidy from Mushymoo

Meet Nerissa from Mushymoo

Where did your brand name come from?
Mushymoo was created using my children's nick names "Mushy" for Hamish and "Moo" for Max. Making things for my children was my initial sewing inspiration so it was important to me to create a brand name that reflected that.

When did you begin making and what was your inspiration?
I'd always struggled to find cool soft toys for my boys.  So I decided to make them special personalised monsters for Christmas one year.  Not only did my boys love them, but I absolutely LOVED making them.  Soon people were asking where they could get Mushymoo was born :)

What do you make?
I love to make soft toys, cushions, buntings...stuff for kids rooms.  Although big kids like my things too :)

Who has been the most influential in your craft?
Probably my Grandpa, Grandma and Mum.  My Grandpa had a workshop where he would spend hours patiently helping me create things; so I'm quite handy with a drill and hammer!  Both my Grandma and Mum made a living out of sewing, but were generally very crafty people who could also knit and crochet (amongst other things).

What inspires you?
Sooooo many things inspire me!  Probably the most influential is looking through magazines and spending hours surfing the internet.   

Where did your brand name come from?
Mushymoo was created using my children's nick names "Mushy" for Hamish and "Moo" for Max. Making things for my children was my initial sewing inspiration so it was important to me to create a brand name that reflected that.

What handmade possesion do you most treasure?    
My grandparents have passed away, so anything they have made for me I treasure.  I also now really appreciate the time, skill and love put into each piece.

Apart from making/creating, what do you do?
I'm a stay at home Mum to Hamish (4) and Max (almost 3)'s a crazy busy time with two little boys I can tell you!  I also have a fantastic husband (Scott) who is a great support.

What music is on 'high rotate' on your stereo or iPod at the moment?
I just love the song "Drive by" by Train, it's on rotate in my head!...even my little boy Hamish sings it!!

When you are not at the Devonport Craft Market - where can people find your work?
I sell through

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meet the Seller: Emma Fraser from The Little Card Factory

Meet Emma Fraser from The Little Card factory and her splendid little cards!

Where did you come up with your name?
My mum always encouraged me to make cards when I was little. I really enjoyed it and she used to call me 'her little card factory.' Little did we know that 15 years later I would turn it into a business!!
When did you begin making and what was your inspiration?
Apart from the ones I made when I was younger. I made a Valentines card in 2011. My man loved it and encourged me to play with ideas and make a few more.
What do you make?
Cards, cards and more cards! I hope soon to turn some designs in to note books and other stationery for people who enjoy the designs but don't want to buy them as cards.

What inspires you?
I find that day to day experiences can turn in to beautiful cards. The little things that happen are what change the big things! I also like to design images around inspirational quotes. I love watching customers faces light up when they see a card and know exactly who they want to send it to.

What is your favorite book?
I have recently been introduced to Maria Keyes' books, and now I can't put them down. I am working my way through her collection. I think my favourite would have to be 'Angels.'

And your favorite food?
Spaghetti bolognaise! If I could have one meal for the rest of my life, that would be the one. I absolutely love it!

Where do you find your online inspiration. Favourite blogs or websites?
It's scary how quickly time can fly when you are flicking through creative websites. Pinterest has become a recent addiction, and is great for 'scrap booking'
I really enjoy reading The writer is very creative and produces some beautiful pieces for her home. I find her very inspirational.

When you are not at the Devonport Craft Market, where can people find your wares?
You can find me at my website, my ETSY shop or at my Facebook Page.

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Meet the Seller: Lucy Patterson

Meet Lucy Patterson - artist and maker

What is the name of your brand and where did the name come from?
I use my name, Lucy Patterson, for my overall brand, but my range of creative kits go under the name ‘Hands-on’ (which is also the name of my blog).
I like being ‘hands-on’, whether it’s crafting things, growing food, or doing Reiki (a kind of hands-on healing that I practise). So many hands-on skills are being lost to technology. For me, being ‘hands-on’ is not only useful, it’s joyful. It’s about really engaging with life.

When did you begin making and what was your inspiration?
I’ve been making things my whole life! My current range is inspired by three main things: my collection of vintage kimono fabrics, the set of Russian matryoshka dolls I was given as a child, and a desire to pass on my own love for making beautiful things to other people through my craft kits.

What do you make?
Lots of things!
• Russian matryoshka doll cushions, key rings, art cards and magnets.
• Vintage kimono-printed felt squares
• A range of creative kits, for example: cushions, toys and bunting flags made using kimono felt; or delightful projects using kimono paper.
• Purses / makeup bags made out of my own range of fabrics
• Sets of inspiration cards (think angel cards but with beautiful Japanese illustrations!) that come in their own little kimono fabric purses.

Who has been the most influential in your craft?
I come from a creative jack-of-all-trades kind of family. As a child I was sung lullabies composed by my father, I played with dolls handmade by my mother, wore jumpers knitted by my grandmother, and read books that were meticulously bound by my grandfather. I think the biggest influence this had on me was to really understand that creativity is something that we all possess. It’s not a magical, illusive, special gift that only a few have. You just have to do it! And it’s fun and nourishing and deeply satisfying.

What inspires you?
Creative people doing what they love. Travel! I first got bitten by the travel bug at the age of 13 when we spent 8 months exploring India as a family. Nature – infinitely beautiful and miraculous.

What is your favorite book?
For visual inspiration, stylist Sibella Court’s gorgeous, hefty, magpie tome Etcetera: Creating Beautiful Interiors with the Things You Love

And your favorite food?
Anything that’s grown in our own garden and then homemade with love.

Where do you find your online inspiration?
Geninne’s art blog
Closet Visit
Rifle Paper Co.

What handmade possessions do you most treasure?
Some of the handmade things I’ve brought home from my travels have become really precious to me. The vintage rugs from Morocco, neon embroidered Hill Tribe bedspreads from Vietnam… Every piece tells its own stories.

Apart from making / creating - what do you do with your spare time *wink*?
Reiki - I teach classes and give treatments. Reiki underpins everything that I do. I begin each day by giving myself a full Reiki treatment.

What music is on high rotate on your stereo or iPod?
The new Scalper album, Butchers Bakers. Captivating, complex, thought-provoking...

When you are not at the Devonport Craft Market - where can people find your work?
My blog/website
My Etsy
My original fabrics can be purchased through Spoonflower

You can also find me at other markets in Auckland!

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