Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meet the seller: Emma from Mademoiselle M

Meet Emma from Mademoiselle M -
 new to our market but already making an impression!   

Where did you get your brand name from?
Being French I wanted to have a nice connotation about France in my brand name.
For the letter “M”, this one comes from my nick name “Manou”.
I am really sentimental about this nickname as only my family or close friends are using it.

When and how did you begin creating?
I started making necklaces when I was in France, 5 years ago now. 
One day, I was doing some shopping at the department store “Galeries Lafayette” in Paris and I saw a lot of necklaces made by a woman. She was making these beautiful handmade necklaces and it became clear in my mind that I wanted to do the same.
At the beginning, I started to create jewellery for myself and then, as I was enjoying it a lot, I started to make some for my friends and family too.
When I moved to New Zealand, I decided that it was the right time and place to share my creations so here I am with Mademoiselle M.

What do you make?
I make necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.
To create my jewelleries, I can use paint, handmade and hand colored resin, semi- precious stones or vintage metals pieces. It really depends on my inspirations at the time of the creation.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I would say my family:
-My mother and father because they always dress so nicely ;-)
-My sisters because we are always sharing ideas and doing craft together
What also inspires me is actually having a look at what the homes designers are doing in New Zealand or in France. I always buy some design magazines or go in design shops to find some ideas of colours or textures. I find that most of the time the trend for Home Design is not so far from the jewellery trend.

Tell us what your favourite book and food are
My favorite book is: “Hunting and Gathering” from Anna Gavalda. This book is just amazing and I think I’ve already read it 4 times. I truly recommend it.

My favourite food would have to be my mum’s Beef Bourguignon ;-)

When you are not creating what do you like to do?
I love doing a lot of different things with my Fiancé and friends like going away for the weekend, having nice dinner at home or in a restaurant.
I also do a lot of yoga, it helps me to de-stress from work or from any type of stress in my life.

What music do you have on high-rotate?
I think it will be the one from Rihanna, Stay. Each time I hear this song I can’t help myself I need to sing, and believe me, this is just terrible for the people around!!

Aside from the Devonport Craft Market, where can people find your lovely jewellery?
People can find my stock:
On my own website: www.mademoisellem.co.nz
On Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/mademoisellemjewellery
Or on Felt at: http://felt.co.nz/shop/mademoiselle

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