Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meet the Seller: Vicki Stoner from PetitBebe

My name is and my stall is.....
Vicki Stoner and I am the owner of PetitBebe           

I have been making since…
April 2011. 

My brand name came from….
I saw it on a shirt one day and thought I like French and I like babies so what the hey? PetitBebe was born:-)

I started making….
My inspiration comes from my needs not being met by the existing market so I create my own solutions.  I started making in bulk and selling stuff to pay for the stuff I was making for myself.  Once I got into it I got hooked.  Now I am a right fabric addict.

I make…
I make anything and everything but for my label 'PetitBebe' I specialise in boutique items for 0 - 5yrs. I mostly make items that are an easy gift for a baby shower or littlies birthday party. The most popular items I make are bibs, burp cloths, nappy clutches and car caddies.  I have also started making train caddies so am excited to see how they go. I also love to do custom orders and pattern test (for other designers).  I like the challenge in something new and relish the chance to blog about it and share the love.

I am inspired by….
Often I am inspired by the fabric rather than the cause. I love to browse online for fabrics that catch my eye and dream of what I can turn them into.  Just this past week I have gone a little crazy and am expecting a heap of new fabric to turn up.  I can't wait to start making.  I am excited by the opportunity to make something out of my own imagination and I just love to get people's feedback on what they think.  Selling the items is really just my way of trying to pay for all of my madness:-)

I read….
I actually quite like the books I read my son and daughter at bedtime.  The Wonkey Donkey, Fidgety Itch, Willbee the Bumble Bee, Room on the Broom and The Gruffalo.  I always feel good when I read them.      

I love to eat…..
I love a tasty vegetable stir fry with rice.

Blogs I love…..

When I am not at the Devonport Craft Market you can find me at.... 

My offer to you is...
Offer is free shipping on any direct order $20 or more that mentions this profile. Order must be through direct contact such as phone 021 299 4717 or email petitbebecreationz@gmail.com